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We can provide testing services to accommodate all of clients needs upon request. We have relationships with qualified laboratories and testing agencies in most countries across Asia as well as branch and affiliate offices of the largest international testing agencies.

For children's products, we can test to your specifications for your local market. For children's products for the US market:

President George W. Bush signed a landmark legislation, HR 4040, into law. The Act reauthorizes the Consumer Product safety Commission (CPSC) for FY 2010-2014 and expands the Commission’s role in ensuring the safety of consumer products, especially those designed for children. The new law mandates a phased-in ban on lead in children’s products to ensure products are safe by requiring lead levels to be reduced to 100 ppm for substrates over a 3-year period and 90 ppm for paints / surface coatings from 14 August 2009.

The new law requires the Commission to publish Notices on the requirements for certain products / items, including lead paint for 16 CFR 1303, for accreditation of third party conformity assessment bodies. The Notice of Requirements for Accreditation of Third Party Conformity Assessment Bodies to Assess Conformity with part 1303 of Title 16, Code of Federal Regulations was published in the Federal Registrar on 22 September 2008. It requires each manufacturer (including the importer) or private label of children products subject to the lead paint ban must have products manufactured more than 90 days after the Notice tested by a laboratory accredited to do so and must issue a certificate of compliance with the lead paint ban based on that testing.

We prefer to conduct a full battery of ASTM 963 and HR4040 at a 3rd party lab that we have an existing relationship with.  If  you wish to use a different lab, we can accommodate this request but please be aware that the lab must meet the accreditation standards of the CPSIA be a registered CPSIA approved testing laboratory location.  General conformity certificates are issued at the time of delivery of your order.

For consumer products and medical devices, we have a wide array of testing capabilities through third party agencies to ensure that you are compliant and confident in the quality of your production.

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